Local Recommendations
Discover the best local dining and attractions near our beautiful two trees rental house. Enjoy a variety of restaurants, from cozy cafes to fine dining, and explore nearby parks, cultural landmarks, and unique shops. Make the most of your stay with our top recommendations!
Worth the wait, even if there's a queue! Relax on the beach and enjoy watching the boats while you wait.
Nancy’s, located on the Oak Bluffs harbor, offers classic seafood fare, a sushi bar, creative cocktails, and two extensive menus featuring Middle Eastern cuisine.
One of my favorite breakfast spots, conveniently within walking distance from our house. You can also get your order to go and enjoy it on our porch.
Linda Jean’s offers a diverse menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with a full bar featuring beverages, cocktails, and bottomless coffee. No matter what you're craving, you'll find a variety of delicious options to choose from.
This is an excellent spot to grab delicious sandwiches for the beach. Conveniently located next to Our Market, right across the street from us.
A perfect date night restaurant with stunning views!
Not a restaurant but OMG if you love doughnuts please check it out. They litterly melt in your mouth. Tip - At 7PM they open the back door which they serve hot and fresh doughnuts. Get there right at 7PM so you don't have to wait in a big line!
Markets / Groceries 
Tony's Market is a hidden gem. Perfect for grabbing lunch on your way to State Beach, it offers delicious breakfast sandwiches and serves as a mini grocery store with everything you need. It's also ideal for picking up snacks if you arrive on the island later in the day.
They offer a wide variety of fresh, high-quality products, including produce, meats, dairy, and bread. Their full-service meat department specializes in custom meat preparation and cutting.
Things to do with kids
This carousel is one of only two Dare carousels remaining in existence. Originally a feature attraction on Coney Island, it was relocated to Oak Bluffs in 1884. The carousel boasts stationary hand-carved wooden horses adorned with real horsehair manes and tails, as well as inset glass eyes, adding to its timeless charm and historical significance.
This bowling alley stands out as one of the most impressive venues I've visited. Conveniently located just around the corner from us, it offers not only fantastic bowling but also a delectable menu, allowing you to enjoy delicious food right at your lane while savoring a refreshing beer.
Boats to the Island
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